About us

On our first holiday trip to South Africa in 2003 we fell in love with this fascinating country. With the purchase of 'Little Paradise' one year later, we laid the foundation for our new life. We started to market our holiday home. Our company has grown steadily ever since. Still living in Germany, we took over the marketing for other houses and bought our house close to Noordhoek Beach 'House at Longbeach'.

With each of our countless journeys to South Africa, the farewell got more and more difficult. In 2010 we finally started a new chapter in our lifes and moved permanently to Noordhoek. Since then, we are able to get to know our guests not only by e-mail or phone, but also personally on location. We share laugh, some glasses of wine and get our guests the best tips for their stay.

We deliver all the required activities for the operation of holiday homes from a single source with a small, firm team of employees whom we known for years and whom we trust. The houses we have included in our portfolio all have a special charm. Some of our guests have already spent their holidays in several of them and they fail to name their favorite.
We cultivate long-term contacts to the owners of the houses. We attach great importance to the fact that they take our and our guests' concerns first and develop their holiday house accordingly. We do not focus on short-term success, but look forward to welcoming guests for many years to come.
We believe strongly in the importance of an excellent customer support, so we focus on houses in Noordhoek only and we concentrate on a small but special selection of holiday homes.

When not working we love to explore our direct surroundings and to enjoy the South African lifestyle with our daughter who was born here.